I have been trying unsuccessfully for almost a month to return a defective computer purchased from Office Depot. I got return authorization right away, but instead of issuing me a return label, they sent UPS to pick up the item. UPS went to the wrong address numerous times, even after I called a confirmed the correct pick up address. When it was obvious that pick up was not an option, I asked if I could take the computer to UPS myself. It was at that point that the whole thing went south. They told me they could send me a label by email. The label didn't arrive. I called back and they told me they would pick it up for me. No, I said, I want the label… Pick up did not work. They requested another label… It didn't arrive. Called back… Same thing. Now the emails do absolutely nothing. I tell them no label and they tell me they are working on it… Or rather they resend the original email from a week ago saying that. There is a MAJOR language barrier as I believe customer service is located in India. It took me five minutes to confirm my mailing and email addresses with one woman because she could not understand me nor I her. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told none was available. I have finally written to the VP of customer service. I hope I get a solution. I mean, really, how hard is it to send a return label? If they had done that to begin with this would have been solved a month ago. I've had it with them. I will not be buying anything other than ink and paper from them again.

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