Lowes here come. Home Depot was our favorite store for many reasons. It is very local, they have semi-smart older contractors employed if you need them and mostly they have lower prices. I am GC that has been buying THOUSANDS of dollars each year at the HD. Receipts from daily purchases are put in folders for the job on a daily basis. We were working way up in the boonies so I purchased extra material to get the job done. Took back $22.00 of materials back to the store a few days later without receipt and as had happened many times in the past got the store credit which I immediately used to purchase more goods and wrote check for the difference in upgraded price. Same thing a few days later, didn't need extra stuff went to return WITH receipt and rejected. Seems like they should at least give new gift card to replace old one used if you have the receipt for the initial return. Rediculous

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