I purchased windows 3/19/2018 and I am still waiting over two months with no windows nor a solution from the window installation team of home depot. I've paid over $3, 000 dollars down in cash, Home Depot messed up my windows order and "Never" told me of any issue until I had to call them directly. They have ignored my calls and messages about when installation would take place, they lied to me on when it would arrive and made false promises on when they could install saying it would be installed May 1st then two weeks later-no windows and no contact or call back of the installation. They never contacted me or returned my phone calls regarding the status, they did not provide a solution, and you would not believe how I have been treated. It has been mission impossible and I've tried for a long time contacting home depot and the window installation manager, Jason Bayne 865.243.9580, on scheduling window measurements and installation date. The entire staff, including his boss John, do not return my calls and ignore the problem. I called the branch office directly at 516 Rundle Ave, Nashville TN at 615.871.9917 and left John a message, which he never called me back nor helped with the situation. I've already paid money and they said, "Oh sorry about that we will give you a discount but we won't tell you how much we will give you until after the windows have been installed." This is not acceptable service and they have been extremely unprofessional. They do not contact me at all unless I reach out to them directly and they do not call me back. My kindness has been taken advantage of and I have been more than understanding and patient with them. I have called corporate 1.800.553.3199 and submitted a case for the compliant Case #11127524 rep Collette has this filed and said they should call me by Thursday 5/17/18 with a soluation. It is now Friday 5/18 and there is no shock that I have not been contacted back with a solution. They do not care nor show acceptable customer service. At this point, I have almost given up with home depot and want my money refunded for windows I never received. Filed complaint to BBB and I expect an answer to this madness.

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