Same as other people. I had a store credit of 6 dollars. I got this store credit, instead of a refund, because the credit card I had purchased the item with got changed and I did not think it was worth trying to locate the receipt, knowing I would spend those money anyway. I purchased over 100 dollars of things, and paid with the store credit AND with my credit card. Now I can't return some staples which won't fit my staple gun (value: 11 dollars), because part of the purchase was made with credit store. I was twice at the store, and they could not really explain, and I had to call the TSE number twice, and now I am waiting for one of their managers to call me back. Are they kidding? Why there is such a stupid policy? Plus, it does not seem the store people understands it either, which drives me really mad. I have never been warned this could happen. I will be giving no money to this company. I regret all the hundreds of dollars I spent there.

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