Today 11/11/2015 at Noon A delivery truck came to haul away my old GE fridge and instal a new LG unit. The bok was taken off the truck placed in the street and in great condition. The crew opened the box and the upper freezer door was dented badly arounf the area where the handle is attached on the right side. The dispaly in the stoor had like damage but not as bad as mine. It was shipped to me from LG that way. LG had no quality comntrol. I refused the order. I went back to the store in Apex N. C. And talked to Gary. I have to wait 1 week for another unit, I canr even get a morning delivery. Only what they say I can have. It was not in any way the delivery crews fault.
i just got off the phone with Home Depot customer service and it was a waste of time thsy cant do anything and will not make any effort to do anything either. I think Home Depot needs to rething their customer service and how they handle pronblems like this, There is lots of room for improvement.

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