We had a plate glass window crack in February 2015.in searching for a repair we have some odd shaped windows, so getting someone to respond was difficult. Or people would come and we'd never hear from them. Finally we liked the Home Depot sales person who gave us a good price. We signed on the dotted line 4/26/15. We added another pair of windows to the job on 5/15/15. They told us they would probably do the installation in July. I called in early July to find out the status of our job. Nobody called me back.

In August we got a call from the installer. There were some problems with the shapes and they needed to come back and re-measure the windows. That happened right away. They would probably be installing them in October. It is now 11/20 and we still are having trouble reaching anyone willing to take responsibility for the job. I want my windows but now I'm afraid if this is the response for a $13,000 order for 8 windows what will happen when there is a problem with those windows? Home Depot sucks!

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