Going to Home Goods in Bayshore left such a bad impression on me that I would rather go and shop at a large dept store and deal with the lines. I wanted to return an item that I hadn't realized was damaged until I was going to use it. I had the receipt but not the ticket. I explained the situation. They made me feel like I was in the wrong. It was $20 pan, I would have taken store credit or exchanged it but Diane was so rude, loud and disrespectful. It was such an uncomfortable experience. The sad part is she claimed to be the manager, she was asked to come over for a customer and rudely told her sales associate 'well she's going to have to wait'. I addressed her rudeness and she claimed to be speaking to her sales associate. Is that how we speak to employees? What happened to a pleasant experience or pleasant managers for that matter. I have spent at least over $500 in a 3 week time span with this company. So sad. Anpx

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