This was my second visit to Home Goods at Macarthur road, in Irving, TX 76063 on Nov 09,2015 around 19:50 hrs Central time. I bought a frying pan and a houseware. I also applied for the TJ Max credit card and availed a discount of 10%. We found a non-stick cookware which looked good. Though was costing 40 dollars (a bit more) we opted for it as we liked its look and thought definitely to be good for the price it charged compared to many other stores. However to my dismay after using it once on Tuesday evening we found the non-stick layers in the frying pan was bad and getting removed. I took the pan back to the store on Wednesday Nov 11,2015 around 19:30 hrs central time. My request was attended by Brendon Hass (the store manager then). To my dismay I was informed though the barcode at the cookware and at the bill matches, but it do not match their system description and they feel it should cost a lot less (he showed me something similar with a different look and color for around 25 dollars). Hence he stated he cannot help me with the refund. After lot of fruitless persuasion I asked him to have a look at the video clippings of the sale (as they have video cameras on top of their sale counters) to validate my claim. He suggested I should return to their store on Friday Nov 13,2015 so he gets some time to have a look at the video clipping interim and will take a decision. I was late on Friday and I could not go there but on Saturday Nov 14,2015 at around 10:30 am. This time I was attended by Sherry (The Store Manager) and she said she is not aware of any information around this refund. She also stated that she cannot help me with the refund and she expressed her disbelief on it being used only once. I asked for the escalation path and was clearly told by her in a very rude manner that she is the point of escalation and nothing beyond. I should call customer service should I have any issue further. This raises obvious question
1. I've paid more than the original cost as it seems from Brendan's statement. What are the checks and balances?
2. How a customer concern is addressed. It is clear if their system is having wrong description how can we help ourselves – as the description in the bill only talks about cookware with the number which matches with that in the barcode in the cookware.
3. Their concern on me telling lies – made me feel humiliated
4. Why they are unwilling to show or verify through the video clippings
No I've to think many a times before going to their store (or not go at all) as I do not know the description of the items I'm purchasing and will definitely be charged more for lesser priced items

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