I was given a one year Home Warranty from the previous owners when I purchased my home. Every time I call to file a claim, I am told it's not covered under the policy. A capacitor for the a/c, a capacitor on the pool pump, a/c leak, roof leak around the skylight, waterfall pump for the pool, 2 different leaks at the pool equipment, 3 breakers in the breaker box tripping inside bathroom lights and pool equipment, sprinkler system leak. I've paid all the repairs well over 4,000 and still counting. They did however work on the spa heater that wouldn't heat. The pool company came 4 times to work on using all the allowed money for the spa.insurance company won't pay anymore even though the spa still has issue lights on. I've contacted the title company and complained to the insurance company. I can't get past the person answering the phone. They determine what's covered and what is not.

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