Issues with a home purchase. I purchased a warranty to protect myself from unexpected expenses with new ownership. I contacted Home Warranty of America for assistance with a claim because it would not let me file online. I finally get a call back regarding the issues of the fridge and dishwasher not running as well as major plumbing issues in the house. Basically none of it is covered. For the fridge that broke, I would have to file a claim and have someone on the approved list to come out to verify it was in poor working condition…

In the meantime, I would have been without a fridge. Regarding the dishwasher, just wasn't working and leaked all over if I got it to run… Not a major appliance needed but the brochure said it would be covered. Bathroom leaking everywhere, shower/bath not draining, flooding often… They won't cover. So, basically the insurance warranty is useless and looking to just cancel and get my $700 back.

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