I am driving a HONDA MOBILIO Car in INDIA which was bought by me on 2015. On 16/11/2015 in Chennai we had heavy rain and we drove this car to court as an emergency case. But all of a sudden the car engine has stopped by itself without any reasons. Then we towed our car to the dealer in Chennai for an inspection. The service engineer told us that the rain water has entered in Engine. We all surprised to hear that. Is it possible? And we had a doubt that these HONDA cars are not suitable for rainy seasons. IF the water gets into an engine it is purely manufacturing defect. But the dealers is looking for an insurance person to change some spares. No one has intended to file a complaint in HONDA. We are not ready to accept this car by changing some spares. It will affect the home setting of the car.

My question is this. Will HONDA replace our entire car if it a manufacturing defect? We have noticed that about ten cars are in dealer's garage. We have discussed with HONDA dealer for the replacement. But no response from them. We wish HONDA manufacturer should intervene with dealer to replace the entire car.in other words HONDA should declare our cars are not suitable for rainy conditions. Such a surprise from the dealers. They are not ready to escalate this issue to manufacturer. They are looking for an insurance people to cover the cost. We need response from HONDA manufacturer to solve this issue.

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