New Honda Civic 2014 purchased on Aug-2014. On Jun-2015 my dad had two issues within few days. First, he could not accelerate over 10-15 kilometers per hour. Only after bumping due to a pit in the road, something that was probably stuck, got released and he could accelerate again. He took the car to Honda's service center. They checked the car's computer and could not find anything. Told him to return when it will occur again.

Two days later, while trying to move out of the underground parking lot, when removing the foot from the brakes, the car started accelerating with no control, hitting the entrance of the parking lot. It ended with car's total loss, and fortunately without any physical casualties. That was very dangerous. There was a problem that prevented acceleration in the first case, and caused uncontrolled acceleration in the second case. A throttle issue was mentioned in other reviews describing similar cases. Anyway, according to Honda all is good.

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