I am a current employee at the 2nd Ave hooters in Nashville, TN I have been there for a year now. I love my job and enjoy working there how ever recently we have switched from franchise to corporate which has caused us to have a new management team along with this new management a new rule was placed if you fail two mystery shops you will be fired and unrehirmable at any hooters. I find this new rule extermly harsh and unfair. We recently had a mystery shopper come in and say that the manager on duty didn't do a table touch but myself and serval other hooters girls watched our manager run the mystery shoppers food to the his table. We can sometimes tell who's a mystery shopper and who is not but wheather or not they are or not we still do the required procedure every time. The mystery shoppers do not always tell the truth on their shops. I feel that hooters should value there girls a little more maybe a week suspension or a month in training but taking someone's job away is a little extreme and hurtful especially when you care and put so much into being a hooter girl. I understand that it is very important to give every guest the proper procedures and precautions in which I feel that we are taking all the right steps. Maybe the mystery shoppers are under the impression that if they give an outstanding grade that it may not be believable but why is our job in jeopardy over someone who may not be paying full attention. I've seen several girls get fired; girls that have worked there for almost 6 years. It's sad to me that the company we take pride in and work so hard for are willing to end everything over a shopper not a guest but someone who gets payed for there time spent at hooters, someone who gets payed regardless if they tell the truth or not, someone who holds our fate in their hands. It's not right.

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