The Truth about Edward Hopkins of Hopkinway PLLC, a bad, unethical, dishonest and fraudulent attorney, worthy only of debarment.

In 2017 he was involved in a conspiracy to defraud a defendant by way of deceit in a Court filing.

His filings contained so many inaccuracies, he could not claim they were mistakes, and he faked many parts of a complaint, to deceive a Court, one of the most serious violations of the rules that govern his profession.

Edward Hopkins Jr uses his position as an attorney to peddle lies.

He does that to make money, which is fraud. Fraud is defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

The wrongful deceptions he made were numerous but included the following:-

-Collaborating with a blogger in the same field of work to make a Blogspot about a defendant, labelling him as a conman, and then threatening the defendant labelled as as such, to perjure to Google to remove it even though he was not the author.

– When Mr Hopkins was shown clear proof the defendant did not do it, he did not cease the coercive behaviour (perjure to Google, or face losses)

-He claimed a defendant registered domains three years before he did, and demanded money to remove the same three domains, again, three years BEFORE the date of registration.

-He tried claiming a 6 figure sum in losses, but there is proof to show his Claimant made no losses at all, and sold out in 2017 on travel programs.

-He also claimed almost the same from another defendant 2 years prior, and thus tried claiming twice for the same losses in the same Court!?

-He ordered a defendant to perjure and admit to making a post on Outscam, which Lumen shows, was posted by another.

-He lied and said the defendant fabricated employee complaints, when in fact, six employees of the Claimant, did complain. All of them alluded to the Complainants dishonesty in some way or another.

-His associate Alexandra V Ramirez, fabricated a PACER posting and faked an entry regarding service of process, to deceive Court.

-He claimed the defendant was engaged in extortion, when in fact, his Client has a history of extortion, and Mr Hopkins tactic is to frame people for extortion if they do not either settle, perjure or lie.

-He flouts his duty of candour and truth to the Tribunal.

-He flouts his obligations to meet and confer, refusing to, and then claiming to the Court instead the defendant refused!?

-He tries to make defendants remove Complaints Board posts that are impossible to remove

-He represents Claimants with a track history of dishonesty to Court, faking witness statements, lying, jurisdictional shopping, vexing defendants twice in the same matter, cheating, dishonesty, extortion, fraud and ripping people off, and when they complain, his Client then uses Edward Hopkins to lie in Court to cheat again.

Edward Hopkins is morally corrupted, unable to tell the difference between right and wrong, truth and a lie, and thus should be avoided.

He should also be debarred from his work and investigated for fraud. If he was investigated, it might be found that he has a long history of deceiving the Court, which in some cases, means prison.

Poetic justice is an ideal form of justice
In which the good characters are rewarded and
The bad characters are punished by an ironic twist of their fate.
It is a strong literary view
That all forms of literature must convey moral lessons.
Therefore, writers employ poetic justice to conform to the moral principles.
For instance,
If a character in a novel is pitiless and malicious in most part of the novel.
His state has gone beyond improvement.
Then, the principles of morality demand this character to experience a twist in his fate and be punished.
Similarly, the one’s who have suffer at his hand must be rewarded at the same time.

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