Edward C.Hopkins Jr and Alexandra V. Tracy-Ramirez of Hopkinsway PLLC are dishonest attorneys reported for attempting to deceive the Colorado 10th District Court by way of dishonest, misleading and fraudulent representation.

There are concerns that these attorneys may be guilty of the crime of criminal fraud.

These attorneys have a history of working for clients involved in serious dishonesty, consumer fraud, criminal fraud, litigation fraud, dishonesty to numerous Courts in multiple jurisdictions, tax evasion and malicious litigation designed to extort monies out of defendants under threat of prison or criminal prosecution (as forbidden by the rules of conduct).

The two attorneys named do the above with full knowledge, and were given an opportunity to tell the truth to the tribunal, but declined.

They have been reported to the Colorado Tenth District Court for fraud.

They were also involved in another Colorado lawsuit which was designed to extort a settlement out of a legal insurance company. This lawsuit too, was also falsified and misrepresented in order to coerce the legal insurance firm in question into conceding defeat and handing over at least US $60, 000 + legal fees which went to Hopkinsway PLLC.

Alexandra V. Tracy-Ramirez is reported for falsifying a Court entry in the PACER database, misrepresenting the date and occurrence of service of process, and thus falsely misleads the Court that service has been accomplished when it has not.

Both attorneys also falsify complaints in order to mislead judges, and also in order to deceive search engines into believing webpages are defamatory, although Google have wizened up to attorneys doing as such, and now routinely deny removal requests.

They also falsify costs and make other blatently misleading statements in Court filings, and are careless, sloppy, dishonest and misleading in their work, and thus should be considered unprofessional attorneys worthy only of debarment.

To see the evidence about these claims, find Pacer and check out this case:- 1:16-cv-02725 Colorado Tenth District Court

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