After clicking the submit payment button, the page summary popped up and showing the wrong date that I intended to book but the payment already been sent. I called in immediately to customer support to request for change of date to the intended booking date. Unfortunely, the hotel do not have the room type on my intended date and only have the lowest teir of room but wanted to charge more than my current booking which is 3 tiers higher.

Obviously, I would like to cancel and rebook with a different hotel but the and the Carlton Hotel of Singapore didn't want to refund the money. Even i called immediately right after I click on the submit button. I can understand if you would like to reschedule to other dates and have some kind of charges but this is clearly and accident and they do not want to refund.

This is cleary a robbery.

I can only suggest and warn others, Don't ever book your hotels through, they not going to help you

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