"Best Price Guarantee" is apparently just an advertising language. I just experienced my booking for one night at Intercontinental hotel directly. Would have been 25 euro cheaper than at hotels.com. I called and got an answer they won't pay my money back because I cannot cancel the booking. After long discussion I got 10 euro back, but not the 25 I deserved. But if I did book the cancelable tarif, why would I need the "best price guarantee" at all? I could have simply canceled it! I did a little research online and realized this is no single story:. I know we are nothing to such a big company, but this is the only service you provide and you can't cheat customers with such lie. For all who doesn't double-check the price afterwards: Don't fall for their "guarantee", because it's not, and you have to get really angry to receive 10 euro back.

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