It is one of the worst and useless customer services I have ever experienced, it is inefficient & useless. I have been trying to call and speak to a customer services representative for last 45 minutes but no luck. Average call waiting time is 8-10 minutes. Called I can't believe that you have such a pathetic customer services. Out of many tries I got connected to an agent she told me that she is unable to locate my itinerary and said that she doesn't belong and work for and transfered my call to (strange) but instead of putting me through to someone who can help she put me back into the same automated calling system with annoying music where I already waited for 8 minutes. I then called after a long wait the a guy took the call after taking my details he said he couldn't locate my itinerary but at the same time he managed to recognize me as a Silver member and said that he is transferring my call to a premium Silver member service number 44 808 3234 5358 and guess what he did put me back in the automated calling system with annoying music where I waited for over 10 minutes and my line got the process 3rd agent told me to call, the 4th agent said I have to lodge an online claim but failed to guide me in the right direction. I'm currently at my wits end and can't believe that how miserably difficult it is to contact

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