We booked a week stay in January on "Hotels.com" paid the balance.in October is our stay, we have to give the site a credit card for incidentals. The "incidental" credit card got billed again for our stay, so double charged. Well, except that the hotel charge was cheaper by more than $144. Calling Hotels.com for refund was a farce. First, they wanted to discuss "why you use our site"?! Huh, well not to be screwed. After 20 minutes of nonsense they finally agreed to verify the cost with the actual hotel, even though they led us to believe we were delusional. Guess what, we weren't, the hotel verified our claim.

Now even more fun, they will only refund on the card we used 11 months ago. This particular card was closed and a new card/number issued due to credit card company concern of compromise. Hotels.com will only refund to this non-existent card — no check, no alternative credit card. Needless to say we are OUT — no more hotels.com. They can shove their great deals.

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