I booked my flight through Hotwire with no problems at all. Once I was at my destination USA, I had to leave the country for work purposes. Since I left from there my company agreed to send me back there, so I successfully called Hotwire and changed the return flight to a later date, with no problems. Once I came back to the States I realized the airlines had changed a one-stop flight to a 3-stop flight. Ridiculous! So I decided to extend for another week and change it to a simpler flight. I was on the phone to the agent for an hour who agreed that was strange and would place me on a call with a supervisor to help figure the situation out. Once I was placed on hold for another 45 mins, the supervisor picked the phone up, and to put the phone down on me. At this point I still had the crap flight. So I called back.

I was then placed on a call with another agent who was rude, arrogant, and was giving me a very difficult time in changing the flight. After 2 hours and being placed on hold, and calls being made to the airline, he said I could change the flight for nearly $1000. I have changed flights before. It normally costs around $400. So another 2 hours spent on hold.in the END, I had to go on Hotwire's website, find the cheapest flight back, and give him the details to purchase the ticket change. That took another 2 hours!!! When it was all finally done, I was glad to get rid of this arrogant man (who spoke a foreign language most of the time to the person next to him whilst I was on the line). He told me I would receive confirmation within the next few hours. 3 days later no confirmation.

Again I called Hotwire back. First agent again placed the phone down on me halfway through our conversation. So I called back again. They could see the flight was booked but couldn't send an email to me?!!? This took another 2 hours for them to call the airline and send me the confirmation!!! I asked the agent to look up my previous call as it took over 4 hours to change the flight and the agent was extremely rude. I wanted to report him as I know the conversation would of been recorded! The conversation had been deleted off file! So that was extremely stressful and I shall never be using Hotwire again. I even got to the airport and I couldn't check in as they hadn't fully booked the ticket. Luckily I didn't have to call them up as I would of gone CRAZY!!! Never use Hotwire!!! Bad customer service!!!

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