I'm extremely disappointed with my experience booking a hotel through Hotwire. I arrived at the holiday inn express lake buena vista in Orlando, FL at 10:20pm on 11/14/2015. They did not have my reservation in their system. I called Hotwire to find out more about my reservation and an automated machine said it was confirmed at the same hotel and hung up. I called again and waited to speak with someone who transferred me to a different department, when I chose option 2 it said the department was closed and I had to call back, so I called back the regular customer service number waited again to speak to a representative, when someone answered they transferred me again and my phone died with no battery.

The hotel associate tried calling on my behalf and same wait process when he was finally transferred to a second person we waited for 25 minutes, and this person said that the reservation was not through Hotwire but a different company, which the call was transferred to again and we waited another 10 minutes. By the time we had our issue resolved it was 12:20 am on 11/15/2015. So I will be not using Hotwire again. I realize mistakes can happen but it does not justify that I have to wait 2 hours on a Saturday night to get into a prepaid hotel room. That is unacceptable.

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