System glitch but they will still not refund your money. This all happened within 1 hour. Booked once – "no availability", booked the second time, no availability BUT was charged for both bookings. Booked elsewhere. Checked my account, 2 charges of $250. Called to dispute charges. First call, agent said he will look into it. After a few minutes of being on hold, he hung up on me. I called the second time, spoke with an agent who said they can only refund one booking.

Spoke with a supervisor, she said the same thing. Glitch in their system, BUT I STILL HAVE TO PAY. They do not want to refund despite acknowledging the error message. I asked Lorraine (supervisor) from the Philippines a rhetorical questions what she would do if she was placed in the same situation and she accused me of calling her names. Oh lordy. Charback, here I come. Stay away from Hotwire, use other booking sites that are more reliable than these crooks. Their fault but blaming it on the customer.

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