Ran into financial problems the past two years. HSBC put me on a six month forbearance agreement and told me after six months I would be caught up and then they would redo my loan. After six months I called and guess what? They wouldn't redo my loan because I was 3 more months behind on my mortgage. This has now been a 2-year struggle to try to save my house, they just refuse to help and are now threatening foreclosure. I had the house sold at one time they refused the deal, now I have sold it a second time in a short sale, said they would give me an answer in 30 days, guess what so far it hasn't happened.

In the meantime they are charging us crazy fees and interest because they are dragging their feet. Seems like they don't want me to get back on my feet. It would take three days to tell you all the other crap they have put me through. My credit is wrecked thanks to them. I don't know what to do now, can't afford an attorney. Anybody have any ideas? Stay away from the HSBC crooks. Why hasn't the government stepped in to do something? I know I am not the only one who is having problems with this bank.

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