I mailed my phone into the repair center in Memphis Tn. 2 days later I check status knowingithadnt been repaired but to make sure it had arrived. Well the information wasnt correct so I called. I start to get the run around until I inform them that I know its there due to UPS and whom signed for it. Then the person wanted me to make a new repair ticket claiming I had missed my 30 day repair ticket, Once I ask if I should email him my email from the repair center showing dates, he saidhe had to clear this through main office. So I just let him know about all the bad reviews that I had read and my phone better be repaired at no cost due to it was only 10 months old. So needless to say after all that my phone was repaired at no cost to me and in a quick manner. I mailed it with UPS on 11/12/2015 it arrived at repair center on 11/13/2015 and I got it back on 11/18/2015. It works like a new one and I am very pleased. I love HTC phones and didnt want to go toany other. Thanks HTC.

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