I went to Huffman Koos in Fairfield NJ on October 9,2015 to order furniture. I ordered a sofa, a loveseat and a armless chair on that date. I did not really understand the salesman as he was new and did not understand all he needed to know. I then checked out with 2 other gentlemen at a desk. They confirmed the order and said they would give me a date of delivery the next day. I did not get one and had to call to get one. I was told it would be delivered on October 31st (That is right, on Halloween). This must have been an omen as what happened next was neither scary nor funny. I was called on Wednesday before the delivery date by a woman who I really did not understand. She told me the furniture was in and that I would be getting a call on the day before the delivery so they could set out a block of time that it would arrive.

On Friday night (the 30th) at 6:00 pm I did not receive a call and called them to get a time. I was told that the furniture did not come in after all and they could not give me a reason other than it was not on the truck. I had to call every day for the next 5 days to find out what went wrong and to get a date of delivery. I tried to speak to the store Manager Peter but could never get him on the phone. He did return my calls but not very expeditiously.

As of the date of this writing, I still have not received my furniture. I am told it will come in on Thursday, November 12th, but I am not sure. The delivery will only be the couch and the loveseat because the armless chair was on back order (still not really sure when that will come in). I received in the mail today a discount coupon from them for $100 because of the confusion but it is only good at a Huffman Koos store and I certainly do not want to go through this again. If they were so sorry about the mix up, then they should have given me a credit against the bill for the furniture I did not receive. I hope this may help someone who is looking for furniture. Huffman Koos was always known for its good quality and customer service. I guess just like the times, things sometimes change for the worst!

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