If I could go negative I would. Beware of this furniture store. They delivered floor sample damaged furniture to me that they tried to pass off as new. Other furniture was never delivered close to the timeframe it should have been. Eventually sued Huffman Koos and won a judgement against them that they still haven't paid so now they can deal with the court as a Writ of Execution has been submitted. Beware of their policy that they want you to sign, which luckily, I did not when buying furniture. It says that if buy a special order, even if they tell you it's 3 months, that there are no returns even if it takes them 2 years to deliver it. DO NOT INITIAL THAT PART.

Just to show this is a legit post and lawsuit did take place, it was in Monmouth NJ Special Civil Part, Small Claims and docket number was. This is also not the Huffman Koos from years ago. The name was bought when the original Huffman Koos went bankrupt by Anthony Mehran in 2005.in 2009 he plead guilty to the IRS for hiding 3.8 mm in profits from two other businesses. This is public info. Not a reputable business by any means.

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