When I first started looking for furniture, I read the reviews for H. K's and there were so many complaints about their Customer Service. I wasn't going to go to their stores. But after looking for weeks, I caved and went in. My salesperson was so nice and professional and they had everything I wanted. I told my salesperson that I had read the negative reviews about their Customer Service and she told me they had corrected the problem. She even brought the Store Mgr. Over to reassure me.

Well the first scheduled delivery date never happened, no phone call either. I had to call and set up another date. Waited 1/2 hour being 5th in the queue. Furniture came, but couch has a defect. Service Co. Came and took a look, put in request for repair. Didn't hear from H. K after a week. Called today, 11/18, #6 in queue. Waited for FIFTY minutes, then was put on hold for another ten min., then on hold again for another ten, only to be told that the District Manager would call me back. Customer Service is so important in today's world. I can't believe they don't know it. Horrible so far.

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