Cancelled my service due to me relocating to an area where Hughes Net could not be set up. Contract would actually be over in 4 months. They tried to get me to pay for services over the next four months in which I would not be able to use. The customer service person accidentally inform me that I could cancel without penalty if use net was not available in my new location. After that she started to recant the statement and in the end after I asked to speak to everyone in the building I was told that I could cancel and only pay for one more month of service.

I agreed because it was a savings of over $300 but here's the kicker – they told me I had to go on top of my roof and remove the radio transmitter myself and send it back. If they do not receive it they will charge me $300 or I can have the repair guy come out and remove it for $150. Needless to say I almost killed myself climbing to the top of my slanted roof not knowing what the heck a radio transmitter look like. I swear if only I had read the reviews first I've never ever would have used their service. My ultimate mission now is to make sure no one else makes the same mistake I did.

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