First of all, from the very beginning, we had horrible service and paid $60 a month for a very limited 10 gig plan. When we first signed up, we didn't have to sign a contract since that was all that was available… It was a special. So after getting sick of the service, we cancelled but they convinced me to put my service "on hold" in case I changed my mind. When they told me of this great Gen4 upgrade, I decided to try it out again. No one ever said a thing about a contract.

Fast forward to today… I finally found a service for only $45 a month UNLIMITED data!!! So I call to cancel my service (and spent almost 45mins on the phone) and they told me I have an $85 cancellation fee. Or since I'm only a month from my cancellation date, I can pay another $60 for service I'm not even using and then cancel. Wow!!! NEVER sign up with Hughes Network. The service is horrible and they will find a way to screw you! I would give them NO stars if that was possible. WORST experience EVER. I'd rather not have internet at all than sign up with them again.

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