I had Hughes Net for three months and ended up canceling my service. I couldn't use the internet for more than one day. It took hours to watch one episode on Netflix. I had to buy my own wireless router to connect with WiFi. I spoke with so many reps and went through hours of troubleshooting. After everything was done they said the internet connection is not a problem it was my TV or computer. They upgraded the plan and gave me a discount. The service still was horrible. There was no change. They tried giving me another discount, I refused. I went through all the steps that never helped. I demanded my money back because I shouldn't have been charged for a service I couldn't use.

HUGHESNET will steal your money. Even $1 a month is not worth their service. The customer reps are very rude and horrible. I finally got through a supervisor and he ended up canceling my service and charging $400 without my consent. For three months of horrible service and waste of talk time I lost out on a total of $800. Save your money and time. This company needs to shut down.

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