I recently tried HughesNet Satellite internet service for the second time. The first being in 2002 when the company was DirecWay. We reside in a rural location and we are stuck with rather slow 3 Mbps DSL service (I actually get about 2.2 Mbps). I thought that I would try HughesNet "Gen4" in September 2015. Being the "4th Generation" and knowing the way technology improves, I assumed that they would have made leaps and bounds over there prior 2002 service levels that never lived up to the posted speed claims.

I signed up for the lowest speed service, The Choice Plan with a posted speed up to 5 Mbps to start that should have been twice as fast as my existing 2.2 Mbps DSL. As soon as the installer got finished I was dismayed as it was taking what seemed like LONGER for web pages to pull up. The installer agreed and even tried changing a component on the Satellite Antenna. The installer stayed for hours trying different things making vague comments like "he did not know what was wrong" and "it IS slow". We took all of my house's components out of the loop and had my computer hooked up directly to the HughesNet HT1100 Modem via an ethernet wire which was hooked up directly to the antenna. It was taking 8-10 seconds to pull up simple web pages with my "faster" internet service provider. I reluctantly let him leave as he told me that I had a 30 day money back guarantee with no early termination fee ($400).

This started a 45 day frustrating experience of very erratic speeds and numerous calls to their 100% overseas customer service. The customer service agents would read from their scripts with ridiculous information like "it is acceptable to take up to 12 seconds for a web page to come up." Count to 12 very slowly and see how long that is! I immediately "upgraded" to their Prime and eventually their "Pro" service that had posted speeds of up to 10 Mbps. Heck… This should have been 5 TIMES as fast as my 2.2 Mbps DSL speed… Correct? Wrong. It was still slower than my DSL service as I left it hooked up and would compare speeds.

They did extend my grace period from 30 days to 60 days and it is a darn good thing or I would be stuck for 2 years with them. Their overseas scripted customer service advisers were argumentative and robotic in their handling of me during about 8 calls over 45 days. To make matters worse I RAN OVER MY DATA LIMIT at about the 25 day mark! I had not streamed a movie or uploaded or downloaded a large file yet I exceeded my 10 GB data limit just from surfing! I could see months of slow service that did not come close to living up to their posted advertised speeds AND monthly data over limit charges. That was it for me. I am back to my 2.2 Mbps DSL that is FASTER THAN HUGHESNET. 2nd time around and never again for satellite internet service.

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