Moved from city to country. Moved DIRECTV service. The only internet service they bundle with out here is Hughesnet. Was not told that I had a data limit or that I had 30 days to decide or I was stuck with a 2 year contract. Service started end of August. Took forever to pull up web pages, took forever to stream movies on Netflix, etc., etc. Called and talked to their techs and was told everything looked great from their end and that I should be getting great signal. Decided to buy an expensive 2 band (?) wireless router. Helped some. Then, we have had rain approximately 20 out of the last 30 days and couldn't stream movies at all, either through Netflix or DIRECTV.

DIRECTV told me to change my streaming from HD to something less. Really? I pay for HD. So, I called TW. I have internet now that is fast and smooth. No glitches. Movies stream like a charm. Cancelled Hughes. When I told them about no service with clouds, they said that's to be expected with satellite. Then asked me how it was doing NOW? Who cares. They are charging me over $380 for cancelling my contract. I will not pay. Their service is the worst I have ever encountered and they don't seem to care. I would have cancelled DIRECTV, too, except I don't want to have to owe them as well. Please be aware of these scammers!

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