What other businesses do you know of will still charge you a termination fee as long as they get within 60% of their advertised rates? It's like going to buy a car because you think it'll go at least 100 mph and you buy it to find out it'll only put down the road at 60mph. They still charge full price for it and will charge you a termination fee if you want to get out of the contract with them. Common sense business says to do what's right for the customer. If the only way you can keep customers is to force them to pay a termination fee, then your business and your service sucks!

The bottom line is that the service was slow from the start and I dealt with it for a year because it was my only option. When fiber from our local telephone company was installed in our area, we switched to it and are very pleased with it. It's "light years" better than the service from HughesNet. I paid the termination fee because I don't want to waste any more of my time with the hour and a half technical support calls. The only reason these calls take so long is they're running speed tests, and with slow internet speeds – this takes a while.

By the way, this is the first negative review I've ever posted online so you know the service was pretty bad for me to waste my time with this! Don't use HughesNet. Sometimes, you can go to the post office and check your mail faster than you can go online and check your email.

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