Due to having a rare type of cancer I have been on Soc Sec for a few years now.in my state, Humana is the approved prescription provider through Medicare. For the last two years, I have been ordering medications through the mail-order service as it can be cheaper and provides 3 months supply. However most of the medications I need get denial after denial for not being on the list of approved medications because Humana caters to those of the typical Medicare-recipient age and not 34-yr-olds like myself. That is bad enough, but I have gotten used to still going to my local pharmacy for the other 6-7 meds I need. Three weeks ago I called Humana back to get a refill on something, ordered it, and waited patiently for the week it takes to get it. Once that time was up I called back and was told it was still in process.

Days later, a new person informed me I had been CANCELLED AS A MEMBER unbeknownst to me due to an employee's major oversight and would need to resign everything. My coverage wouldn't start until Jan 1 of next year (which is over 2 months from now) and the orders I had in the system were deleted. Fast forward 4 days, 10 hours on the phone with 25 different Humana representatives later, it STILL has not been resolved. I cannot go to my local pharmacy even because my policy is still not active despite promises by multiple supervisors. My only option is to pay FULL price for it at my CVS.

I have now been out of the very critical medication for over a week, so if I end up in the hospital, the absolute morons at Humana will be paying for my medical bills. Not a single person cares that my cancer medication is unavailable to me due to their fault. This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with and it's very sad that sick people like me have to spend all their time on the phone hoping for resolutions that never come no matter how high up the company we get transferred. Humana does not care about its members.

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