Humana canceled my MCR advantage HMO. My cancer center told me it was HUMANA who cut ties. Then Humana made me, a MULTIPLE CANCER patient call other SPECIALISTS & told me I would NOT be covered by their insurance! I even called HUMANA prior to sign-ups & they told me they will CONTINUE to take the plan I was going to sign up for… After 2 full months and missed cancer treatment visits, I contacted their Clinical Intake Team. They gave me 6… WOW visits to ONLY 1 of my cancer doctors with MAJOR stipulations. HUMANA has major Financial problems that is why they let AETNA buy them out. Please DON'T get any Humana plan. RUN don't walk away from these very uncompassionate HUMANA employees. If they did this to a cancer patient, they will do it to ALL of you regardless of your illness. I pray God gives you the wisdom to go shop elsewhere for a Medicare Advantage Plan! God Bless & Best Wishes.

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