To my friends and family please share this. I would like the truth to get out about the Humana insurance group policy and politics. I just want to tell you how much my family appreciates you refusing to give my mother in law her chemo. My daughter works for United Healthcare and knows you can make exceptions. The KU Cancer Center reached out with two appeals that were refused and you also refused our pleas. Even after you knew our hometown cancer centers had sent her home on hospice and this was her last chance. You made me realize that senior citizens are inconvenient to you and you have no empathy or heart.

I promise I will, until my dying day, post on every social networking site and website and take this to local news channels because the public should know about your pompous director that wouldn't grant this dying plea to someone's daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, and great grandmother. I hope you're proud of your company and thoroughly enjoyed my review.instead of wishing you harm I will pray for you, and ask God to never burden anyone you love with breast cancer or any other form of cancer. Hope your CEO reads this and shows us this was all just a big misunderstanding, but four levels of your customer service have made it blatantly clear they won't help. God bless.

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