I purchased a high-end ceiling fan with wireless remove for fan-speed and light switch. I had to have it installed professionally. The problem started after it was installed. It seemed to work OK but we found that the fan would turn on or off by itself. The light would come on or go off by itself. We have been woken up with the fan's light blaring in our faces. We have been awaken in the middle of winter to find the fan blowing down on us while turned on high. I cannot count the number of times we have come home to find our fan's light on or the fan running on high. I contacted customer support and they shipped a new controller out but it did the same thing as the old one. They also would not pay for professionally reinstalling the new controller.in order to do so required the fan blades to be removed and a hub to be taken off and wires to be unattached and new ones reattached. If you are wise, you will NEVER purchase a Hunter Fan.

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