Spoke to 5 people to try and get a date confirmation about when an item could be placed on a credit report. The first person said he doesn't know how to do that and even if he did, he would not help out. He told me the date over the phone and he said I would just have to take his word for it if the date changed or the item was sent to the credit bureaus early. The supervisor of the section, Matt, said it was above his paygrade. Also, the legal department would handle this and he would transfer me to them, but he doesn't know their office phone number, which is also above his paygrade to know.

Additionally, could not provide a policy number or document stating why he needs to know a person's name over the phone in order to talk to them. Next person, Barb of consumer affairs told me she doesn't have a letter that provides the information requested, but she can provide it to the original creditor. She also told me that her name and her phone number are the same as a reference number and she gave me this information because she is helping me out. She could not tell me that you have to identify yourself on the phone because of confidential information, because she didn't know. She then told me that she will not be helpful anymore because I am rudely interrupting her when she was doing the same thing to me the entire conversation. Horrible company, but it's family owned by women so what do you expect?

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