Dr.Nimita Khanna wife of Prof.(Dr.) Ritesh Khanna is a big fraud running an institute with the name of (IIMPS) ISARA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES. Her full team members are also involved in fraudulent activity. You can search online against her for her fraudulent. She is providing fake degree with the name different institute and university. I request all the students and parents don’t take admission in this institute. This lady is SOOO clever, she will make you fool every time with the name of Certificate and verification. She will take your money and then threaten you and never respond to you back. All the comments which are posted against her are right. Don’t fall into her trick. She ruined my career by providing a fake certificate. She is a big cheater. I have been running behind her for the last so many months but she stopped picking my phone calls, email. SMS, what’s app. So requesting everyone don’t be trapped with this institute and this lady Nimita Khanna and Ritesh Khanna.

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