Our Company processed transactions using your Ikhokha machine for many months now. We received a notification that one of our last transactions had been marked as fraudulent.

The Transaction had been done via a debit card. The Client used a valid card and the correct Pin Number. The account had the available funds to cover the transaction. The Ikhokha device approved the transaction and we received electronic notification that the transaction was approved. The client was contacted by the bank and he too confirmed the validity of the transaction.

A week later Ikhokha notifies us that the payment will not be honoured. When we contact Ikhkha we get the run around from everyone. They say they cannot furnish us with the proof of the fraudulent transaction as its confidential information.

The goods were released after the transaction was approved and now we havent been paid.

We were warned by others about using Ikhokha but believed their consultants when they told us they were reputable. Dont get caught out by these thieves.

I attended the franchise expo two weeks ago in Kyalami and overheard an interesting discussion concerning just how many people had been ripped off by Ikhokha. The same scam. The banks paying the money to Ikhokha and then Ikhokha not paying the merchant.

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