I worked for a company and a woman requested to be contacted for a demo. It was assigned to me. I reached out and she said that she had an emergency and she wanted to do demo next week. I wished her well and asked if I should just delete her request so she wouldn't get contact and she could resubmit when ready. She said "No it's fine, we would do demo next week." A couple days later, I was going through files and realized that one of them was a referral and got a free month and texted to let them know. The account was not flagged for no contact so business as usual. Well, she responded that since I contacted her before the next week, that she wanted a year free of service.

I googled her at that point to find out who she was and it turns out that she harasses companies, gets people fired to get free things, creates fake Facebook sites of dead soldiers and dying children to get followers and then switches it to her name, even takes charitable contributions. She stalks celebrities and common people and when they try to defend themselves, she threatens to ruin their lives, creates accounts in their names and does all types of things. I apologized and explained that I am a mother of two and the sole supporter of my family. She said "Guilt trips don't work on me sweetheart" and posted my comment on Twitter and ripoff report saying my company's name and my name. Saying that I harassed her and that the company gives terrible customer service to their clients. I had been with the company for almost 3 years, was a top rep and never had a complaint after dealing with thousands of clients.

We had just gone public and I was fired because of it. Then my company gave her 3 months of free service. I was all alone, I had just moved to a new state (next to my parents) because my company said I couldn't work in the state my parents lived in. I had earned the privilege to work from home because of outstanding work and I was left all alone, jobless, in a house I just moved into 2 weeks prior with two babies and no job. All because she posted a complaint on me and my company. She was not a client and requested contact. Now, potential clients google my name and that comes up on the first page. New companies that I would like to work for google my name and find that. I have nothing but positive things about me online and then an Internet cyber stalker ruined my reputation in order to get free service and cost me my job using this site.

She has about 30 incomplaints.com from her victims about her and she was allowed to post there still. Then I look and to even have them look into the situation, they want 2 grand. It should be illegal. It is immoral, irresponsible, defamatory, unethical and slanderous. It should not be legal for people to use a site like this to extort money from small business or to so easily put up slander. There is no legality or credibility or even an attempt to see if this information is true. People work very hard to create businesses and careers and a loser that has no job and supports themselves by robbing, conniving and stealing can tear years of hard work down with a few clicks of a keyboard. And the victims have no defense. It's just there. Consumers don't know if they are true or not but I know that if I send a potential client an email for whatever company I represent, until this post is down, they will google my name and find this.

It damages my credibility when this woman asked for contact, told me not to delete her request, has dozens of websites devoted to exposing how horrible of a person she is but clients and employers won't know any of this. They will just see my name, a complaint, and the word harassment. I'd like there to be a lawsuit where everyone who was damaged falsely by this site joins a class action and seeks reparation. Extortion plain and simple from multiple angles. May God handle this one. I'll be praying. If you look at my image attached, as soon as she posted her thanks to the company, another person (who has since told me that this woman has a group that monitors her 24/7) posted to please not give her anything because she is a scam artist. I still lost my job. The ripoff report still remains. My name is still tarnished.

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