I first heard about Independent Home’s walk-in bathtubs when they called us on the phone. I was really excited about it. But then after they got it all in, I found that it wasn’t exactly the answer to my shower trouble. I like to take my showers and I didn’t realize that by getting this tub, I was going to be limited to my showers because you get the shower head from the tub. You put it up on the wall and the water just comes straight down where all the faucets are, but it was going down on the floor. So I called them up and they sent me an extension. We had to put it up on the wall and push it out, which has helped.
Another thing is the air. I thought it would be water-rotating. It wasn’t. There are little holes where air comes through, not water air. And if you only fill the bathtub halfway, to my waist for example, and turn it on, the air is cold. The only way to use it is to fill it up all the way, which is another problem. I am going to have to get me another water heater because ours is a 40-gallon. I tried taking a bath in there to fill it up all the way, and I ran out of hot water. So maybe I’ll need a 50-gallon. We did not do our homework. We could have gotten a cheaper one that does the water because my husband has a bathtub with little jets in it and I really like it. I thought this would be something like it but sitting down. Its alright, but for $10,000, we should have done our homework.

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