This company is a fraud! As a property manager I am doing a million and two things throughout the day. They called on a day we were expecting a bid from a company about some sewer issues and I directed them to my maintenance tech. While talking to my maintenance tech. He told the rep he is not authorized to order anything from an outside vendor and the rep insisted on sending a sample and asked for our address to the office. He said "we will send you a two gallon sample and then if you like it call me back and we will get you more ordered." We received the sample (still in the shipping box today) about a week or two ago and today received a bill for $103.36.

Called them to discuss it that we are not going to pay this bill because we are not authorized to even order maintenance stuff. The guy was a total JACKASS. Very unprofessional and rude! Claims I am a liar and that I authorized the transaction! And apparently they have 4 "supervisors" on the line during one call. I hung up and they called my maintenance tech. And argued with him and went through four different people saying they were all on the call and they know what he said. Do not, i repeat do not accept samples from industrial chem labs!!!

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