Got this JX35 in November of 2013 and have had the following issues with less than 30k miles on the car. Door molding was falling off so it was replaced as the plastic was bowed. Both sun visors fell down and were replaced with new ones. Roof rail seals came out and when I asked the dealer to pop it back in, they told me the whole rail had to be replaced. The instrument cluster and dashboard shut down and restart while driving. And it is very noticeable at night or early morning as I have no gauges to follow in the dark. So the navigation computer was replaced but has not resolved the issue yet and the dealer doesn't know what to do with it.

The transmission was very sluggish and when I asked the dealer to check I got a call that it has to be replaced and it was. Now, 5k miles later it's doing it again. There have been a couple of recalls in the middle, with "recalls on the recalls" as the service adviser put it, so they have replaced a bunch of door latches on the car again and again. The latest one is my key. Neither key will work, so I cannot get in the car using the key-less feature and I have a very hard time starting the car even when I hold the key near the start button.

The GM at the dealer claims they have informed Infiniti Corporation and I have been waiting for a response for 9 months now! In summation, if I can get in the car and get it started, I may get stuck on the road in the middle of the night with a broken transmission while not knowing where I am or which way to go because all of my instruments have stopped working. Other drivers won't help because the pieces falling off my car has damaged their car and they are angry. At this point, Infiniti is jeopardizing my life and life of others around me very frequently and without remorse. I guessing this will qualify as a lemon but have to check with a lawyer!

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