They are a liar. Their mentality of conducting business with consumer were very unethical. I've leased and purchased vehicle from Mercedes, BMW and Lexus luxury vehicle, but my experience with Infiniti service is the worst. They don't honor their words, they mislead you. They'll be nice to you at first when you are shopping their vehicle. As soon as the documents are signed, money been paid, then you are nobody to them. They only see the money sign on your face. You would think that "oh, you got a luxury vehicle from them, their service should be much better." is not in any level of comparing with Mercedes, BMW or even Lexus.

Whoever had already purchase/lease a car from them, "good luck" and I sympathy for you. Whoever plan to purchase/lease a vehicle from them, think twice and definitely look elsewhere. Honestly, I can wait for my lease to be over. I will never want to deal with them anymore. I will give Infiniti a minus star.

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