Please do not believe that all the information posted on this website that you are paying for is correct. They have mixed my name and information with someone else. I have never lived in LaPorte Indiana. I have never worked for the Indiana State Government. I have never had those three phone numbers listed. The emails they have listed as mine are not. If this company is going to build their business and reputation on providing correct information, they should first make sure that it is correct. Associating my name and business to this profile could be damaging to my personal and business reputation.

When I asked them to opt my name and information out of this website, they stated that I would need to fax over a copy of my driver’s license. They said I could cross out the photo and driver's license number, however, they needed all the other information including my birthdate. Newsflash… I should not have to prove my information is correct. You are the one charging the public for a service. It's your job to make sure that the information provided is correct before you publish it online. You will be held responsible for any damages I incur because of your false associations to me.

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