I’m not quite sure where to start with this review. The short version is as follows. My wife and I paid IVL over $7, 000 to move us from New Jersey to Indiana. We were told that the movers would wait to deliver our items to the destination until we arrived a few days later. The next day, I received a call telling me that they were going to deliver the items the following day, with or without us.
Since we were not present for the delivery, the movers were downright careless with our items. Many hard plastic boxes were broken, and virtually all of the cardboard boxes ended up in terrible shape. Several pieces of furniture were also destroyed.
Furthermore, the movers ignored our request to spread the items across the storage unit so that they would be easier to access. We had arranged for a unit that was roughly twice the size that we needed in order to make this task easier. In spite of this, the movers stacked our items haphazardly on top of each other, with furniture piled on top of fragile items, all the while leaving half of the floor space unused. We had to hire local movers just to rearrange our items in such a way that we could access them. Those movers said that the way that the IVL movers had arranged our items was “scary” and felt that their behavior was downright dangerous.
When I voiced my displeasure to the company, I was initially ignored. Once I was finally spoken to, the manager attempted to intimidate me into accepting an appallingly small sum of “hush money.” He assured me that their lawyers would bully us into either accepting a pitifully small settlement (and signing an agreement preventing us from telling anyone about our horrifying experience) or take them to court, which he assured me would be stacked against us.
My conscience prevented me from taking the deal. I felt obligated to let others know about our horrendous experience, in the hope that future customers will be able to avoid this misery. This is not a company that can be trusted to handle your belongings, and it is not a company with enough integrity to fix their mistakes. Do not, under any circumstances, entrust your possessions to them.

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