Been using QB online for at least a decade. Never really thrilled about it, but it did enough to keep my business accounting going. Within the past year they so-called improved it and basically deleted some functionality that I used daily. Nevertheless, did not want to go thru the effort to download the data, which I understand does not translate well to the desktop the past couple months they have been so-called improving their security. This means that I am routinely unable to access the account online and then spend hours on the phone with absolutely no help. The customer service people are not able to help and some are downright rude. Talk about their policies etc, when all I need to do is some accounting work. They are now causing me to lose money and am still currently unable to get into the account. As soon as I can get in, I will be terminating this horrible service and doing the many days of getting the desktop version up to speed. The online QB is currently a disaster. Do not sign up.

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