Have been doing business with Intuit and am using their online version of payroll and QuickBooks for 5 years now. We recently had a problem due to their error of issuing one of our employees three identical pay checks via direct deposit. By the time that we found out about their error it was too late to cancel anything on their end and their CSR instructed us to stop payment two of the checks with our bank. As instructed we did stop payment on two of the checks (at our cost of $35 each or $70 total). After we did so, Intuit put our account on suspension unless we paid them the payroll fees plus a $100 penalty! Intuit then blocked our access to both QB and payroll online! After five plus hours on the phone and speaking to eleven (yes that's 11) different CSR's they finally waived the fee.in total, my bookkeeper spent 14 hours to clear up their mistake!!!

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