I just got off the phone with Quickbooks regarding an event that occurred during the last 24 hours which effectively will shut down our company. Our company relies on QB Online to run our retail business. Our account mysteriously disappeared and QB tells us that it will take up to 10 days to restore the company? How can this be? No one has access to our company login information, and that is me. I didn't change any settings, but when I attempted to log in this morning, the company was not there. Phone support is useless since anything other than rudimentary issues must be dealt with via an online chat to the tier 2 support. Mind you, it's QB's support team that doesn't have phone access to their own level 2 support. Absolutely, an impossible solution.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SUBSCRIBE TO QB ONLINE, you will eventually live to regret your decision. Choose a program such as Accounting Edge. At least they have true phone support.

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